And now for something completely different . . . Thursday, Aug 15 2013 

in which I take a break from my usual inane ramblings to contemplate a different sort of inanity.  Namely, pop cultural characterizations of gender.



Let’s talk about race . . . or not. Tuesday, Aug 13 2013 

Edgar C and I disagree about a fundamental issue; whether mustaches (unattached to a beard of some sort, of course) are aesthetically pleasing or not.  He votes yes, I vote very much no.  There is one issue he and I do agree on.  White Americans, by and large, suck at talking about race.

Feel free to click the clicky.  Also, I fully expect that if this does for some reason garner any comments, half of them will be TL;DR.


The good doctor rants about religion. Yet again. Wednesday, Dec 21 2011 

Because I have a love/hate relationship with religion — i. e. I’m fascinated by it as a cultural force, but tend to abhor the ways it can and has been used as a tool of hatred and oppression — I occasionally like to read and reread religious texts.  Occasionally I discover something profoundly poetic and beautiful in the text.  Other times I’m touched by the simultaneous fallibility and triumph of the human spirit as it struggles valiantly to transcend the realm of the mundane.  Sometimes, though, I just get pissed off.  Today, a slight diversion from my research.


In which the good doctor has self-doubt and realizes he’ll never be a teen model. Wednesday, Jul 28 2010 

I have a viable research question.  I have some primary sources.  I’ve conducted interviews, formulated hypotheses and toyed with theory.  Aside from extensive archaeological training, access to excavation tools and knowledge of how to maneuver the beaurocratic process in order to get approval for digging at a historical site I can’t think of too much I don’t have.  Oh yeah — lots and lots of funding. 


My dentist isn’t the only one who doesn’t like plaque. Tuesday, Jul 13 2010 

Hey fans (and by “fans” I mean “fan” and by “fan” I mean “the Russian brides proposing to me in my comment section”).  My research excursion to Providence and Newport was a success, and I look forward to subsequent trips down there to follow up on some leads.  Special thanks to M, who hosted my lazy ass for a night and let me have the use of his car while cramming for his exams.  Expect pictures soon, particularly ones of me tempting supernatural fate!

Today, however, I feel compelled to address a news item.  It’s a month old, but the fact that I — a news junkie — have not heard of it until now is in and of itself a testament to how troublesome said news item is.  I vent bile, below the fold.