Not reinventing the wheel, Part Deux. With pictures! Friday, Aug 30 2013 

So I have a tentative interview scheduled for the history chair at a local high school which, coincidentally enough, I substitute taught at a few years back.  Well, considering the size of the town maybe it’s not that coincidental.  But either way.  Progress!  I will be interviewing my contact about how the Triangle Trade is incorporated into local curricula, if it is, if state intervention in the curricula led to any changes in how the Triangle Trade is taught, how he might advocate alternative ways of teaching about the Trade, etc.  Fun times.  Hopefully this will inform, at least in part, the museum education part of my dissertation.  In the meantime, a blast from a few weeks past, below the fold. (more…)


Hating the Dutch isn’t just for Austin Powers’ dad anymore. Tuesday, Aug 27 2013 

So.  As previously stated, a common theme I’ve discovered when researching the history of slave owning patriots, particularly those living in Western New England, is fobbing that hatred off onto New York (and, by extension, the Dutch, who would ultimately be forced to give way to Anglo Americans).  I therefore think it might be useful to explore this a bit.  I’m not sure if this will be a major part of my dissertation/research, or if it will be an aside for my own edification and knowledge.  Still, I think it worth to listen to the voice of an enslaved woman who experienced the realities of Dutch colonialism herself, an orator known to history as Sojourner Truth.