Namely, one in which you’re taking two classes with one of the most exacting professors in your department, and another one with a professor studying both the subject and region in which you’re interested?  While also starting a new research-heavy job at the library?  While also working as an ESL tutor?  A writing intensive blog.  So yeah — you may have noticed that my investment in this dropped from “yeah yeah yeah!” to “no really, I’m going to post regularly” to “blog?  What blog?”  For the three of you who read this with any regularity, I’m sorry but something ended up having to give.

So why have I come skulking back?  Because it’s summer, and I’m determined to make it a productive one.  I also have absolutely no excuse to not be productive because a (slightly) more leisurely summer is one of the few tangible side benefits of academia.  This blog, which I do feel has potential, might come in handy.  Curious?  Then read on.