A Pilgramage Tuesday, Dec 20 2011 

By the midpoint of my month in Barbados my research had, out of necessity, expanded beyond the scope of one man.  I had originally thought to research the “cult of personality” I figured may have centered around Bussa.  That was not to be the case.  Aside from being more or less equated with the Emancipation Monument and being classified as a “national hero,” average Bajans didn’t seem all that concerned with him.  I wasn’t exactly sure why I thought they might be.  It’s not as though I walk around all day chanting “Thomas Jefferson” in a zombie-like trance.



Nelson versus Bussa Wednesday, Nov 16 2011 

Alright.  It occurs to me that in my previous post I forgot to include a link to the Bussa statue.  This might therefore be as good a place as any to outline the differences between official history and public memory as reflected in monuments and aesthetics in Barbados.  I do this by exploring two major concepts inspired by Greenblatt’s resonance and wonder: visibility, and accessibility.


The 1816 Rebellion Wednesday, Nov 9 2011 

In the 1990s a Guyanan-born sculptor by the name of Karl Broodhagen unveiled his memorial to the 1816 slave rebellion (also known as Bussa’s Rebellion): a statue of a slave, crouched and with broken chains hanging from his wrists, in the middle of the JTC Ramsey Roundabout just north of Bridgetown. It was, to put it mildly, a source of controversy. Why might this be?


How to make a trip to the tropics as depressing as possible. Friday, Oct 21 2011 

So.  Last winter I went to Barbados, thereby being in the sun and sand December and January rather than New England.  How do I spend my time?  Exploring the legacy of enslavement and the dehumanization of an entire race!  Woo-hoo!


You can’t keep a good tomato down. Friday, Oct 14 2011 

Hey everyone,

So — after an extended absence during which I was frantically pounding out my masters paper, Dr. Tomato is back on track!  Well — sorta.  Below the fold a synopsis of new research to date!  Including how to make a trip to the Caribbean as depressing as humanly possible.