Dr. Tomato is the latest in a lineage of blog projects, all of which feature tomato themed titles.*  This particular installment is the pet project of an aspiring anthropologist.  It features musings on . . . well . . . anthropology, particularly its cross-disciplinary application as well as its relevance to politics, pop culture and everyday life.  It strives to make this approach as non-rarefied as possible while still managing to serve as a viable professional portfolio.  Needless to say, all writings here are the intellectual property of, well, me.

Some of the politically themed posts will likely have relatively obvious partisan, left-leaning bent.  Given anthropology’s necessary tendency to err on the side of cultural relativism, this should be unsurprising.  While debate and discourse of all forms are welcomed — and encouraged — on this blog (assuming people actually read it) please bear that fact in mind.  Civility is expected.

The (hopefully) future Dr. Tomato is an Anthropology graduate student at the University of Oregon with a topical focus on performance, ritual, and narrative and a regional focus on West Africa, the Caribbean and New England.  He currently resides in Eugene, OR but still self-identifies as an East Coaster.  He enjoys (among other things) coffee, shaggy dogs, sleeping in tents, The Onion, MST3K, and really really bad horror movies.