So I have a tentative interview scheduled for the history chair at a local high school which, coincidentally enough, I substitute taught at a few years back.  Well, considering the size of the town maybe it’s not that coincidental.  But either way.  Progress!  I will be interviewing my contact about how the Triangle Trade is incorporated into local curricula, if it is, if state intervention in the curricula led to any changes in how the Triangle Trade is taught, how he might advocate alternative ways of teaching about the Trade, etc.  Fun times.  Hopefully this will inform, at least in part, the museum education part of my dissertation.  In the meantime, a blast from a few weeks past, below the fold.I mentioned in a previous post about a New York ex-slave by the name of Prince who built and lived in a house on Bee Hill Road, a likely near hop skip and jump away from my parents’ place.  Earlier today I took a short hike along the like site and snapped these photos.  This is the approximate location:

IMAG0113Entrance to the site.

IMAG0112Clearing, along the way.

IMAG0111Clearing and brook, which may be the most likely site.

So there we have it.  This weekend I will be taking a trip to Albany where I will be visiting the Albany Historic Society as well as a rum distillery that claims, to this day, to still use Caribbean sugar cane (as it likely did back in the 18th century).  So pardon me if my posts are a bit scarce again for the next few days.  Moreover, I will likely be visiting with the abovementioned contact, as well as a professor of Western civilization at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Thanks for reading!