“History is written by the winners.” Friday, Jul 26 2013 

How often have we heard that?  I know that I’ve heard it multiple times, in multiple contexts.  The thing is, it’s become so trite (at least to some) that it starts to sound at best like a catchy bumper sticker and at worst like a pointless whine.  After all, isn’t that what our society about?  Competing and, ideally, winning?  The trouble I face in my life as an academic researching historical/cultural narratives is how to complicate this axiom but in an approachable way.  Warning: below the fold lie the krakens of my convoluted thought process.



The end of the limen. Friday, Jul 26 2013 

So.  The actual “school” part of grad school ended up being a lethal combination with work, side projects, and my general tendency towards laziness whenever anything resembling the possibility of procrastination presents itself.  Either way, this blog found itself in the realm of most of my blogging projects — briefly shiny and interesting, but ultimately relegated to the attic.  Like that toy you begged your parents to get you, and they did, and you end up playing with the talking pull-string Roger Rabbit doll for 45 minutes until it eventually ends up under your bed next to the model dinosaur and the pile of decepticons.

Speaking of me referencing Roger Rabbit and decepticons, guess who’s officially entering his early/mid 30s in less than a month?