Because if there’s one thing I need, it’s another forum in which I can incessantly bloviate about things which perhaps five if you actually care about.  If I’m lucky.

Hey-hey wait!  Where are you guys going?  Seriously . . . this blog is different.  For reals.  Let me explain . . .

First of all, I enjoy writing.  Out of all the possible ways to express oneself creatively, writing is probably the medium which I find the most fulfilling.  It’s cathartic, it’s fun, it helps me crystallize the unmitigated chaos that lives in my brain.  To me, writing isn’t just a mode of communication, although that is a major part of its allure.  It’s a fundamental part of my identity.  The “I” I express on paper is an avatar of the “I” that exists in my consciousness, to shamelessly rip off John Locke (the philosopher, not the knife-loving crazy who exists in that show about the purgatory island I’ve belatedly become addicted to).  Effective (and not so effective) writing has started wars, established new religions, brokered peace, and launched new disciplines.

More to the point, however, I have currently mortgaged my soul to academia.  Brandeis’ Anthropology department currently owns me, as evidenced by the two dates in my day runner circled in red and labeled “Midterm Due!!!”  So writing, at least of the recreational variety, is rather hard to pencil in.  Hence my solution which you, like me, will no doubt find elegant in its simplicity.

For the rest of my time at Brandeis, I will be blogging about anthropology.  I will be attempting to spot parallels between subjects discussed in, say, my course in linguistic anthropology and my course in cultural performance.  I’ll try and tie pop culture ramblings in with contemporary anthropological theory.  The State of the Union will become an exercise in performativity and the semiotics of the sovereign.  Many posts will likely be attempts at unscrambling theory and streamlining them in advance of paper topics but, hopefully, I’ll at least make it semi-interesting.

As for you, dear reader?  Perhaps you’re a student of the social sciences looking for a “unique” spin on things.  Maybe you’re a friend or acquaintance fascinated by the twisted train-wreck that is my brain, and feel compelled to rubberneck for some masochistic and ineffable reason.  Maybe you’re a psychologist in training and want to do a case study on my unmitigated narcissism.  Maybe you just happened to stumble upon it and are curious to know how exactly RuPaul’s Drag Race fits into pre-capitalist notions of “The Spectacle” or “The Cinematic Gaze” with dashes of Queer Theory.

For the most part, though, this will likely serve as a portfolio of sorts.  Some of these posts may well be expanded into white papers.  Others I’ll delete and pray they fade into the aether of the internet.  Others will perhaps be submitted as writing samples.  One of them will (no doubt) revolutionize the social sciences as we know it as I take my place among the likes of Freud, Foucault and Mead.

Or, more probably, not.

Anyways, this is my new project.  Hopefully I, and perhaps you, will learn a little something in the process.

Hey wait — where are you going?