Metaphor and Religion Saturday, Feb 27 2010 

It should come as little surprise to many of you that, as a die-hard word-nerd, linguistic anthropology should be an area of significant interest to me.  The particulars of language can carry powerful symbolic (or, for you fellow pointy-headed social scientists, “semiotic”) import.  Language can be sexy; we talk of “pregnant” pauses or “copulative” verbs.  From the time humanity began to orally communicate as well as set ink to paper, our identities and perspectives have been shaped in part by our use of language (more will be blogged on that part at a later date.  Also, yes; I know I just split an infinitive.  More on that at a still later date).

I understand if many of you find a post about language dryer than a Sauna in Tuscan.  If Tuscan were relocated to the Sahara.  Click on the link, then, if you dare.



Yes! My new project is . . . another blog. Thursday, Feb 25 2010 

Because if there’s one thing I need, it’s another forum in which I can incessantly bloviate about things which perhaps five if you actually care about.  If I’m lucky.

Hey-hey wait!  Where are you guys going?  Seriously . . . this blog is different.  For reals.  Let me explain . . .